Planet Labs Data in Response to the fires around Fort McMurray, Canada


In an effort to help responders, we’re releasing imagery of the area under an open license. The imagery is now available for download under a CC-BY-SA license. We’re also permitting tracing of the imagery on Open Street Map.

Attribute all data back to Planet Labs, Inc.,

Data Available

ZIP files

These are all links to ZIP files of data, broken down by day, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links.


Individual Scenes

All of the data is hosted in the `planetlabs-disaster-response` S3 bucket, `201605-Fort-McMurray` folder.

This is a public S3 bucket, but if you are asked for credentials, you can use these:

Here is a map of the data currently available, also available as a GeoJSON file here. You can use any of links per scene to download that scene directly.

You can also access the full data directory, and choose individual files to download using these tools:

To use the AWS CLI: